7 Kitchen Hacks to Get Even More from Your Fridge


Let’s face it. For most individuals, their fridge is the grossest place of their kitchen.

Leftover meals piles up all week till you may’t keep in mind what number of days it’s been sitting within the fridge. Bottles and jars drip onto the cabinets beneath and make the whole lot sticky and gross.

And then there’s that bizarre scent that’s been there for ages however you’ve by no means been ready to pinpoint.

Don’t preserve stuffing your fridge full of latest groceries and leftovers! Get rid of all that litter and arrange your fridge with these 7 straightforward kitchen hacks!

7 Kitchen Hacks for Your Fridge!


1. Put Your Condiments in Squeeze Bottles

Instead of hassling over oddly formed squeeze bottles and huge jars within the door cabinets of your fridge, distribute your sauces and pastes into generic refillable squeeze bottles to simply retailer them on the cabinets of your fridge door.

Don’t overlook to label the bottles, although! You don’t need to confuse cherry sauce with tomato ketchup and destroy your ice cream sundae.


2. Use a Lazy Susan

A Lazy Susan makes it straightforward to attain jars and leftovers that have a tendency to gravitate towards the again of your fridge… till that bizarre scent hits you and also you understand it expired every week in the past.

Put one on each cabinets to make your drinks simply as simply accessible as your leftovers, condiments, and jars. Never lose one thing within the again once more!


three. Washable Mats for the Shelves

Your fridge cabinets have a tendency to get fairly gross after some time. Leftover soups and sauces spill over. Bottles and jars drip from above.

And when you have pets or youngsters, you in all probability want to be cleansing the cabinets off no less than as soon as every week.

You can take the exhausting work out of the method by placing down washable plastic mats on the cabinets or wrapping them in plastic wrap.

This approach you’re not in your knees scrubbing the again of a fridge, you’re simply rinsing off a mat and changing it.


four. Group Foods Together with Baskets or Shoeboxes

You can group like gadgets collectively in labeled shoeboxes to preserve the whole lot organized and accessible. If you need to incorporate this with the Lazy Susan thought, you should purchase smaller storage baskets that can match on a spinner.

This ensures that nothing will get caught within the again or misplaced in a random a part of the fridge.

Store gadgets which can be about to expire in a particular basket close to the highest so that you by no means miss one other expiration date.


5. Baking Soda to Keep It Fresh

Baking soda is a well-liked kitchen hack to do away with unhealthy smells in your fridge. It works by neutralizing the pH ranges within the of the air in its surrounding setting.

Baking soda a base, that means it has a really excessive pH degree. Most foul meals smells are extremely acidic, that means they’ve a low pH degree.

Instead of masking up the smells with a distinct odor, the molecules launched by the baking soda take up and neutralize the odor particles within the air.


6. Don’t Let the Freezer Overflow

Use material purchasing luggage to arrange heavy meats, frozen fruits, and boxed meals individually within the freezer. Don’t overlook to label them for much more efficient group!

You may clip opened vegetable luggage below the wire-rack shelf in your freezer to stop freezer burn and save extra space. This additionally leaves extra room open on the underside of your freezer to retailer different gadgets.


7. Put Food within the Right Places

Top Left Shelves

The highest half-shelf in your fridge is reserved for quick-expiring leftovers like dressed salads, leftover meats, exhausting boiled eggs, spaghetti, sandwiches, and so forth.

Just below this half-shelf, you’ll retailer your lengthy shelf-life leftovers like dry greens, desserts, tacky pasta, and so forth.

As a common rule of thumb, you’re storing the gadgets that expire soonest on the high and placing the longest-lasting nearer to the underside. That approach, the best factor to attain if you open the fridge are the gadgets which can be about to expire.

Top Right Shelf

This is essentially the most open place in your fridge, so it’s typically greatest reserved in your tall bottles, milk jugs, and issues that shouldn’t be tipped over.

If your fridge has wire-rack high cabinets, you may put down a slicing board beneath your drinks for added stability.

Upper Drawer

The average-sized fridge sometimes has one increased drawer on the left facet that’s reserved for bagged meats and cheeses.

Your lunch meats or raw meats like bacon and floor beef might be saved right here however your leftovers ought to be saved in a separate container.

Always be certain that meats and cheeses are saved individually in totally sealed luggage or containers to stop oxygen from spoiling them.

Bottom Shelf

Typically, the left facet of your fridge could have a drawer hanging above the underside shelf that provides you much less room on that facet. Store eggs and late-expiring brief jars (pickles, jams, and so forth.) on this area.

You have extra open area on the correct facet of this shelf in case you want to thaw a vacation turkey or roast in a single day. But if you’re not utilizing it for defrosting you may retailer any giant leftover dishes or overflow from different drawers on this a part of the shelf.

Crispers (Your Bottom Drawers)

Store recent fruit and greens SEPARATELY within the lowest a part of your fridge, the crisper drawers.

Never retailer fruit and greens in the identical drawer and the identical goes for meat and cheeses. Cross-contamination causes your meals to expire sooner and will trigger issues to go unhealthy with out you realizing it.



The identify of the sport is Decluttering and Organizing. Don’t let your outdated meals pile up on you till your fridge is overflowing, use our straightforward kitchen hacks to save area and make gadgets simply accessible.

A poorly organized fridge is a breeding floor for decaying meals to develop micro organism, and may doubtlessly flip into a serious well being hazard.

Don’t get sick over one thing as simply remedied as a messy fridge, clear it up with our intelligent kitchen hacks and also you’ll by no means look again!


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