Amope Pedi Perfect Reviews


Amope Pedi Perfect

Amope Pedi perfect is an electronic pedicure kit that gives the saloon type results at home. It readily softens and cleans the feet by removing hard callus with the help of its diamond crystals. It is a fast method for a pedicure at home except for a few customers who may find the device hard on their hard skin.

Amope Pedi Perfect is a handy electronic device for a pedicure at home that cleans and rejuvenates the foot skin thoroughly by removing callus and bristles.

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Claims and Features

  • Electronic callus remover
  • Massages the skin cells
  • Removal of hard skin in just one minute
  • Clean, beautiful feet in no time
  • Ergonomically made handle for holding the device
  • Saves time
  • Provides saloon type pedicure at home
  • Has automatic safety stop limit that turns off the device in case of the higher pressure limit
  • Introduces diamond crystals for efficient callus removal

Cost and Availability

Amope Pedi Perfect is available both online and in stores easily. Online at Amazon you can order the product at $32-$38. In stores the price is same, but it is better to walk out of the house and go to a shop to get the product because it cuts the delivery charges plus saves time if you are in a hurry. The diamond rollers included in the kit does not charge anything.

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Amope Pedi Perfect Reviews

There are about 200 positives reviews of the product at just Amazon. The users and editors highly rate it because of this convenience it brings with itself.

Amope Pedi Perfect is an electronic massager and pedicure device that removes hard skin in no time. The best thing is its rapid action and quick service. You do not have to get prepared, fix an appointment, drag your car to the saloon and wait for the beautician to do the whole thing for you. Pedi Perfect cuts down all the unnecessary time consumption and allows you to enjoy saloon type pedicure at your own home. It’s at home facility is the topmost magnet that attracts the customers for higher ratings and excellent response.

How Does it Work?

Pedi Perfect works on batteries and batteries are included in the kit. It also has diamond rollers for the fast removal of hard skin or callus to make your feet look clean and smooth. The diamond crystals massage and exfoliates the damaged skin leaving the feet with beautiful skin beneath. These diamond crystals are an up gradation of the product as the crystals were absent in the previous versions.
The only problem with Amope Pedi Perfect is that it proves difficult on some harder skin types. Customers complain that the motor is not powerful enough to remove the harder callus and bristles.

Safety Precautions

When the customers with harder skin tried to pedicure their feet, the device automatically turned off due to heavy pressure. If the motors get modified then this Amope Pedi Perfect will become perfect for feet.

Overall the product exceeds expectations by excellent dead skill removal capability and softening effect. You should be using the Pedi Perfect on a towel because it separates the dead skin from the surface to uncover the softer skin underneath.

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Similar Products

You will find many pedicure devices and products in the market promising outstanding results and outcomes. Some of the products are good with the feet comprising of the same features as Pedi Perfect. One of these products is known in the market by the name of Laurant Personal Pedi that offers pedicure facility at home. Pure Pedi 8 in 1 Pedicure Kit is also a related product for you/


Amope Pedi Perfect is a mini pedicure electronic device for use at home that readily exfoliates the skin. Its diamond crystals tend to remove the dead upper skin to uncover the fresh one under it. It may be difficult for some harder skin types and may not be able t handle heavy pressures, but the overall working is quite helpful and efficient. In case of harder skin, you are in no danger to lose the product because it has an automatic switch off technology once it has reached the pressure limit. The product is therefore such that you will not be disappointed after expenditure.