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Free TV Key Reviews: An Upgraded Antenna?

Free TV Key is the latest technology From Clear TV that is aimed to provide high definition picture by catching on-air signals of the channels available in your area. Here on Reviews by Sid, you will read brief free TV key reviews.

Claims and Features

  • No extra efforts on installation
  • Provide high definition picture
  • Efficiently catches the on-air channels of the area
  • Needs no wires or antenna
  • To use, just plugin

Cost and Availability

Free TV Key is available at $19.9 Along with shipping charges of $7.99; a total of $27.98. Another offer can be availed in which you may add one more Free TV Key to your purchase by paying additional $7.99 which brings the total to a cost of $35.97. But, it is an offer, not a necessary thing.

The product can be purchased from the official online site. The official site for Free TV Key is You may use this site as an original site to place an order online. It is a brought to you by Tri-Star product with its advantages and complaints.

Free TV Key Commercial

Free TV Key has almost all the qualities of its name. It provides high definition picture by catching the on-air signals of the area just like a TV key. It is a key that unlocks the receiving quality of TV without any issue of wires or antenna. It just starts its work after a simple plugin. Unlike antenna or other signal catching boxes, Free TV Key does not require you for the tiring installation hustle before you can watch anything on your TV.

Furthermore, this product is perfect for the aesthetic value of your TV and room. A TV with a lot of wires for signal catching may disturb the overall look you want. Free TV Key is independent of wire system and works according to the latest standards of the wireless era.It is perfect of those who do not want any fuss of wires or antennas

Although it is a next generation product, yet it has its limitations. It may be problematic with certain TV sets adjusted on the walls. It does not catch the cable signal, and you cannot depend upon it to get all the channels you want. It only detects the signal which is available in the area according to your area. This limits its access to certain channels and may not come out as efficient as cable wire. It still needs much up gradation to be used as a preference on actually wired cables.

Free Clever TV Key Demand

If you analyze following graph generated from Google Trends, you can understand that this product is consistently on internet over past 8 years. Overall this is something that is quite useful in price like this.

Still, it can be trusted on for its limited functions. Because it performs best when it performs in its given line, this product cannot be rejected for the overall review. It has its abilities and conveniences.


The product in hand is beneficial as well as limited. Some may find it not much use because they cannot get what they expect from the product. Other see it quite useful due to its no wire technology.

It is undoubtedly a next-generation TV gadget to improve the progress in the world of television broadcasting. But still, reservations are to be kept in mind.