Cooklite Aero Fryer Reviews


Cooklite Aero Fryer

Read our honest and brief Cooklite Aero Fryer reviews. Cooklite Aero Fryer is a product created to do frying without oil. It is for those who are much concerned about the cholesterol levels as it reduces calories and extra food. It uses the heat of hot air to cook the food rather than the temperature of the oil while frying. You can just put your food in the fryer, and it does its job without any pre-heating requirement. Don’t forget to read Perfect Cooker Reviews as well.

Claims and Features

  • Cooks food with little or no oil to reduce calories
  • Uses halogen and infrared heat to cook the food
  • No need to pre-heat the fryer
  • Cooks faster and saves time and energy
  • Does not require thawing of frozen items
  • Able to prepare multiple items at a time
  • Cooks at up to 480 degrees

Cooklite Aero Fryer Commercial

Reviewing Cooklite Aero Fryer

Cooklite Aero Frying is designed to assist you while you need to cook faster and healthier. You have guests to attend, and at the same time it’s time for lunch, then Cooklite Aero Fryer can help you with its quick frying technology. The product was launched in 2015 and is still being advertised on TV. Kitchenain Artisan Mini Mixer can be another product you might want to read reviews about.

The product has got a remarkable rating due it is modern infrared technology. Especially the weight conscious people and heart patient can take great benefit from its no oil frying ability. The food comes out to be healthier and oil-free because of Cooklite Aero Fryer.

Cooklite Aero Fryer uses the heat from the hot air and fries the food with little or no oil at all. The menu only needs to be sprinkled with oil (if needed) and put into the frying product without any pre-heating job. It also cooks the frozen food at the same speed, so you do not have to defrost your food.

Concerning the capacity Cooklite, however, can cook only for one or two persons at a time. Though it can prepare multiple foods at a time the quantity is less. Moreover, the food cooked in it is more like baked food rather than fried in the oil. It is more of a baker then fryer. So, it does not replace oily frying pan unless you want to reduce calories on purpose.

The small size is right too as it saves space and easy to handle or clean. You can remove the rings and plates from the fryer and clean it for using it next time. Don’t forget to read reviews about Clever Cutter, another amazing kitchen product for you.

Cost and Availability

Cooklite Aero fryer is available at official website and Amazon at $149.75 plus zero shipping charges. The product can be bought under five payments of $29.95 each. On choosing the option of complete payment at a time, the customer gets a 13-piece knife set, a recipe book, tongs, a mesh basket, a dual tray, an extender ring, a French fry maker and a deluxe oil mister as a bonus package. The order is delivered within 30 days with a 30 days’ pay back guarantee as most of the online products.

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Cooklite Aero Frying is a superb modern fryer for those who want to reduce the intake of calories. It cooks faster and is good hardware for the kitchen. However, the size allows the cooking for one or two individuals at a time, and the food is more baked than fried when comes out of it.