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HotHands Hands Warmer

HotHands is an effective body warmer with considerable high ratings. You can enjoy warmth for 7 to 20 hours in just $1 by merely wearing the product. However, some pouches only last for an hour and one pouch can be used only one time.
Hothands is an innovative modern invention to keep your body, hands, and feet warm. By just holding the product you can keep yourself warm in outdoors during cold winters.

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Claims and Features

  • Automatic activation
  • Available in a vast variety
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • Durable for 6 to 18 hours
  • Natural heat safe on skin
  • Provides everyday warmth

HotHands Reviews

HotHands is a modern body warmer created to keep the body warm especially when you are outdoor on a business tour or picnic in the middle of cold winter. The product comes in airtight pouches, and on exposure to the air it activates itself automatically and becomes warm for about 6 to a8 hours. According to a survey, the pouch may remain warm for as long as 20 hours, and sometimes it may last for only an hour.

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The Long-Lasting Warmth Slogan is True?

Yes there claim is absolutely right and you can enjoy this product for 7 to 20 hours. It is a solo wearing product that is to be used for a single time each. The pack contains several pouches according to the demand and the quality and durability also depend upon the price. A better price lead to better manufacturing material and vice versa. If you want the product last longer than you have to choose a pouch with a high price. The highest price is however not so high and falls in a reasonable range in accordance with its working and durability.

How to Use HotHands Body Warmer

A single pouch is used to produce heat ranging from 100 Fahrenheit to 180 Fahrenheit. It is ideal for those who experience extreme chills due to low blood pressure in veins and for those who find it difficult to get warm hands in icy weather. The product also helps for older people reduce the chances of joint pains due to cold getting into the bones.

Hot Hands Hands Manufacturing 

HotHands is made of salt, water, activated charcoal, iron powder, and vermiculite. All of the products are natural and easy on the skin to avoid any possible rash on the skin due to heat. According to a review by a customer, HotHand has a specialty that it is skin friendly and not made of artificial chemical to harm the blood circulation or skin in any way. It is easy to use, and durable told another customer.
HotHands are suitable for all skin types and all ages because they are available in a variety of sizes and the produced heat is never harsh to generate any discomfort. Because of the product’s exclusive features, the product is found to be highly rated among the reviewers and users.

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HotHands Drawbacks

The only drawback of the product is that each pouch is for one-time use and may consume time to work correctly. With patience, the product works exactly as advertised.

Cost and Availability

HotHands is available at Amazon and Retailers with a price depending on the quality and demand.
Amazon price of HotHands ranges from $3.99 to $129.99 while Retailers offer a range from $3.44 to $69.99.

HotHands Commercial

Similar Products

The market is full of warmth producing products such as gloves, heaters and warm clothes. With the onset of winter, heat is very much in demand and the products like HotHands are available everywhere as a modern invention for warmth. A similar product with a similar design is known by the name of Grabber Hand Warmers in the market.


HotHands is a highly rated warmth producing product famous for its durability and practical work. It can keep the harsh cold away from the body for up to 20 hours without being cruel to the skin or blood circulation. People with low blood pressure chills and joint pains can depend on and the product without any doubt to save them inconvenience due to the winter season. The product is also ideal for outdoor business in winter because it keeps the most sensitive areas warm and cozy. One pouch is for one time only, and the working may be reduced to minimum 1 hour as per quality of the ingredients used.