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I Do 3D Pens

I Do 3D pen is an innovative thing made for 3D drawings and projects. It is educational and fun to use, but it can be messy if not handled carefully. Older kids will love it for its 3-dimensional crafting projects once they get a complete hold over its use. These pens are used to create 3D drawings and projects, best for older kids.

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Claims and Features

  • Variety of 3D options available with the product
  • Create 3D drawings
  • Set contains a plastic sheet, a curing light, several pens, and a guide

I Do 3D Pens Reviews

I Do 3D pen is an innovation in the world of arts for kids & people of all ages are loving these magic pens so here on Reviews by Sid, you can read honest reviews about I Do 3D Pens.

Older kids can take out full-time entertainment from the product by drawing 3D pictures of their choice. If drawn with care and accuracy the required results are difficult but not impossible. In the set, you will find several pens, a curing light, a plastic sheet, and a guide. With the help of the guide provided with the ordered product, a classic 3D drawing can be made for fun and school project. Firstly you have to draw on the plastic sheet provided in the set and let it dry with patience. After the drawing is set, you are to dry it once more with the curing light for the optimal results. Once it is dried your drawing properly is ready.

Are They Easy to Use?

Although it is a fun thing still, it can be messy if not handled with absolute care. If kids are not patient to wait for the drawing get entirely dried, the product may leave the parents in the middle of the mess they will not like. Therefore, for optimal results, the curing light is to be used with patience and care. Keep the curing light only an inch far from the drawn project and let it do all the drying by waiting till the project is completely dried. If the drawing is not allowed to wipe the desired results properly are not obtained, and all the toil may be wasted. After the project is completely dry, you can remove it from the plastic sheet to use the plastic sheet next time for drawing purposes.

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Are Kids & Parents Satisfied with it?

During a survey about the I Do 3D Pens, parents and kids were found satisfied with the performance of the product. It is educational and recreational for kids, told the parents. While the kids were found happy to see a 3D toy to play with, the kids showed excitement while adding I Do 3D Pen to their toy collection. The only thing that gets against the product is its requirement of proper skill before use. The kids who are not skilled enough to draw with these pens may find it a hard nut to crack.

However in the presence of parental guidance and skill this product is durable, useful and easy to use for 3D drawings and sketches.

Cost and Availability

I Do 3D pens start around $20. They are available in different sizes at Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, and Michaels in a variety of sizes on demand.

I Do 3D Pens Commercial

Similar Products

The market is full of similar products offering 3D sketch pencils and pens of different sizes and prices. I Do 3D Penis, however, has lower price as compared to other similar products in the market.

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The product is efficient and competent in performance but is not perfect. Good performance can be expected from the product, but it is not without its limitations and loopholes. Proper skill parental guidance can create accurate 3D models as advertised in the commercial.