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Lazer Bond USA

Lazer Bond USA is a modern age bonding formula designed for long-term binding purposes. It binds with the help of curing light. Once the bond gets hard with curing light, it becomes a hard plastic like material, impossible to break. Though it may be irritating for those who wish for a quick response yet, it does not disappoint on the whole. It works but realistically and not perfectly.

Lazer Bond is a quick hardening glue meant for creating an airtight and waterproof seal with the help of UV curing light.

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Claims and Features

  • Works within 4 seconds
  • Uses UV light
  • Powerful bond
  • Manages up to 350 pounds
  • Perfect for clothes and metal surfaces
  • No mess like a typical glue
  • Airtight and waterproof seal
  • Never hardens inside the pack

Cost and Availability

Lazer Bond USA is available online, on Amazon and in stores. Online it is available in a buy two offer at $19.99 on and Few other websites is also offering Lazar bond at $9.99 without any double offer. At Amazon, the product is available at $11, while in stores the price is $10 at Las Vegas.

Lazer Bond USA Reviews

Lazer Bond USA is a modern age bonding technique that works like glue but is more powerful and effective than simple glue. It has a curing UV light that helps to harden the glue. Without the UV light, the adhesive does not get hard, so there is no issue of hardened glue inside the container. Most glues are efficient enough for binding purposes but get hardened with time thus become useless after some time. Lazer Bond USA is found to have a positive point in this case as it is hardening free formula. Don’t forget to use silicon gloves before using it.


The term USA used in the name implies for the product that is made in the USA. It is noted that glue and Lazer are said to be made in the USA, but packaging has a label saying ‘made in China.’ It is, in fact, plastic glue or liquid plastic for sealing purposes.
Lazer Bond may take more than 3 seconds as claimed in the commercial for certain surfaces and pipes but once it gets hard, it is an unbreakable, airtight and waterproof seal.


Lazer Bond USA was found to be excellent on certain surfaces such as metal and especially with clothes during a survey. However Lazer Bond is problematic with metallic pipes where it has a loose performance. Overall the product has not disappointing feedback because it is better than Super Glue in quality that it can manage heavier seals and is harder.

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Customer’s Opinion

At Amazon, Lazer Bond USA has both positive and negative feedback. Sometimes the customers are satisfied, and sometimes they are not. The product has a high demand because it was found short in the stores and online sources. Therefore the results may vary from person to person and item to item depending upon the type of work required.

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Similar Products

The market is ever ready to offer the products for binding and sealing purposes with a handful of promises and claims. Hundreds of gluing items and liquid resins are available to perform gluing in a better way. One of the similar product is named as a 5-second fix at Amazon.


Lazer and USA is an efficient product for binding and sealing the heavier items easily. Its UV curing light is an innovative idea that eliminates the chances of hardening of glue inside the container. The only complaint with the product is its slow working and issues with some stubborn surfaces. The overall performance is not bad, and the reaction of the users is mixed.