OXA Silicone Cooking Gloves Reviews


OXA silicone Gloves

With these silicone gloves, you do not have to search for a kitchen duster or a pot holder while your food is about to burn on the flame. You only need to put on OXA silicone gloves, and your hands perform better than a pot holder. It is a benefit. The team of Reviews by Sid have complete information about OXA silicone cooking gloves. Read our OXA silicone gloves reviews below.

Claims and Features

  • One size is enough for everyone
  • Two years warranty
  • Non-allergic to dishwashing liquid
  • Additional cotton gloves are also available for a comfortable usage
  • No BFA
  • Harmless silicone designed for kitchen
  • Cost and Availability
  • The OXA silicone Gloves can be purchased online at a price of $9.99.

OXA silicone Gloves Reviews

The OXA silicone Gloves is a new advancement in the field of science to resist as much heat as possible. You have to wear a cotton liner gloves firstly, and then the silicone gloves will be able to help you withstand the heat of hot pans and pots after cooking. Usually, you have to search for a thing to carry a hot utensil after cooking your meal, and in the meantime, your food may get overcooked or burnt in the time you search for something to hold it with. In the presence of OXA silicone Gloves at your home, you may easily put on the gloves and transfer your hot food wherever you desire. It is a good thing to keep in the kitchen as it acts as a good helping tool.

OXA silicone gloves omit the need for oven gloves or potholder to increase in your comfort. They are BFA free and can be trusted for use in the kitchen.

Some customers, however, find these gloves small because of their large hands. The size does not necessarily fit in all hands especially the larger ones. If you use these silicone gloves than you can use kitchen knife safely but we recommend you should have special cutter in your kitchen. Take a look at our honest and brief reviews about Clever Cutter.

For the customers who love variety also face issues while buying these gloves because they are available only in one color. Green color may not attract some of the customers who want everything in their kitchen that matches the interior kitchen color.

The gloves are quite efficient with their heat resisting capability, but still, it is to be kept in mind that these heat resistant gloves are not entirely durable. They may endure heat for smaller time periods, but with larger cooking jobs, they may allow enough heat to get through them, and you may eventually feel the heat.

Of course, it is not the same result as you can get with your hands still putting on gloves is quite dependable. They are designed to protect your hands from heat and harmful dishwashing chemicals so if you got them in the kitchen; it’s a good idea.

They are claimed to be dishwasher safe, but still, you can wash them with a block of soap while the gloves on your hands. Cleaning the gloves is just like washing your bare hands they also provide lather with soap. Don’t forget to read our reviews about another important kitchen item “Artisan Mini Mixer” as well.

Similar Products

Many similar products are available in the market that offers designs for oven baking gloves and pot holders. A product named Hot Hands is identical to OXA silicone Gloves in function. Also, there are many oven mitts, and Griller Pro Gloves offered in the market at different prices. Some of the glove making companies also give a healthy competition with 4.7 stars to OXA silicone Gloves.


OXA silicone Gloves are a good option to try for the very first time. They efficiently resist heat and are a good kitchen tool. The kitchen owners can keep them as a significant part of the kitchen because they help in carrying the hot foot. However, for the customers with large hand may find them a misfit like a fat person going into very tight clothing. If it comes in a larger size, then its usefulness and total value may give it a 5-star rating.