PurePedi 8-in-1 Manicure kit Reviews


PurePedi 8 in 1 Manicure Kit

PurePedi 8 in 1 Manicure Kit also known as PurePedi Deluxe is a beauty kit for the manicure at home for those who want to do the manicure job without visiting a professional beauty clinic or saloon. It has 8 functions for the manicure in 8 effective ways. We have reviewed the product to go further into its description and efficiency. Read PurePedi 8 in 1 manicure kit reviews before buying or using. Don’t forget to read our reviews about Silk’n Revit.

Claims and Features

  • Convenient to use
  • 8 different tools included for corns, calluses, filing, buffing, and shaping
  • Does the job quickly
  • High and low-speed option
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • No cord technology
  • Has a cap to prevent residue from making a mess around

Cost and Availability

Although the list price is $80, PurePedi Manicure Kit is available online on Amazon for $40. We also reviewed Bye Bye Foundation recently so don’t forget to read before ordering it online.

Reviewing PurePedi Manicure Kit

PurePedi Deluxe has remained hidden for much time because of the high commercial campaign of the competitors which is however unlucky for the customers. While most of the other manicure kits fail to give dramatic results as shown in the commercials, PurePedi Deluxe works as promised on the ads or social advertising.

It is an intelligent design that takes care of every requirement during a professional manicure session. As it is aimed to provide the overall facility of the manicure at home with expertise, it is offered along with 8 different attachments for all the tasks included in a professional manicure treatment.

Whereas the customers may use one or two attachment according to the desired result, the 8 accessories are here to deal with the problems of your hands in every possible way:

Tough Skin Removal: For the removal of tough skin fine callus attachment is used. It removals the damaged upper layer of the skin called the tough skin and revealed the lower fresh skin for a new look. The fine file further softens the area. There are also Mini Callus removers to fight with the hard skin cells in most difficult areas.

  • For polishing the nails:  The polishing felt Cone is available to attach for polishing the nails.
  • For treating Corns: The Sapphire Smoothing Cone is for the treatment of corns, calluses, and thinning toenails.
  • For the toe area: The Cylinder Mini Shaper removes the hard skin cells in the toe area.
  • For shaping the nails: The Sapphire Shaping Disk gives shape to the nails and also shortens them.

The addition of a fine cap is perfect thinking to avoid the mess around. All the residue gets collected in the cap, and you can easily make it a part of the garbage bin after use. There is no issue of the mess at the place you are using PurePedi Deluxe for the manicure.

Overall the product gets excellent remarks and high ratings from the customers owing to its variety and professional tools. Those who have used the kit are happy to have a gadget like this at their home because they say it saves a lot of time and you they do not have to wait for the appointments with the experts as they had to do before.

No availability of storage or carry box is a negative thing because it cannot be put directly into a handbag or suitcase which may lead to damage. It would get still higher ratings if the product were offered with an attractive box and AA batteries to make it a compact pack.

Similar Products

The market has to offer thousands of beauty products every you visit any beauty shop. Many manicure kits are provided at different prices, promising excellent results. PurePedi Deluxe also has various competitors but take note of who fulfils the promised results most efficiently.


PurePedi Deluxe is a modern, trendy tool to grab for a home treatment at the personal level. It has several additional tools to offer high-quality manicure without the supervision of a professional. It is itself a professional. The only unfortunate thing is that it has no box or battery included that makes it less portable.