Sani Sticks Reviews

sani sticks reviews

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Reviewing Sani Sticks: If it provides clog-free and odorless drains or not?

This product is sanitation sticks that control lousy odor coming from sink and drains. For more information about the product, read our honest reviews for the durability, performance and cost of Sani Sticks. Sani Sticks reviews are exclusively available for audience of Sid Reviews.

Claims and Features

  • Dissolve clogged grease in the drains and pipes
  • Prevent embarrassing smells of the drain in your house
  • Safe to use
  • The cleansing effect lasts for a month
  • Work by digesting odor stirring germs and bacteria

Cost and Availability

  • A pack of 24 Sani Sticks is available on the official website at $10.00 + $6.99 P and H. You can also purchase a double pack offer with 48 sticks by an additional payment of $4.99 P and H. Order can be immediately placed on official registered website of Sani Sticks which is
  • You can also get a pack of 48 sticks on Amazon. However, shipping charges of $11.98 are applied as an addition whenever you order online. That means getting it online means to pay double.
  • 2 to 6 weeks are required for online shipping.
  • There is a 1-month money back guarantee on the sticks. So, if you find the product faulty or useless, you can get a quick refund of your money.
  • Sani Sticks are also available locally in some stores.
  • If you can find Sani sticks on your nearest stores, it is better to purchase it then to pay double online.

Sani Sticks Commercial

Sani Sticks Reviews

The goal of this product is to unburden your daily pain that is caused by the clogged drains and greasy material sticking to the pipes of your sink. Whenever you wash your dishes or accidentally drop any greasy material into your sink or drain, the drain gets stuffed up, and all you get is trouble getting rid of the dirty water. Other than the unwanted collection of dirty water in the sink, the oily things decompose inside the pipes of the drain and produce an irritating smell to make the air stinky.

Of course,  the pipes and drains cannot be cleaned on the daily basis as it takes a lot of effort. Sani Stick is a product that allows you to live in peace for a whole month by preventing odors and clogs.

In additions to its one month guaranteed working, it is effortless to use. You have to unpack the pack of sticks and take out a stick to drop it inside the hole of your sink or drain. After putting the stick, your headache is over; your Sani Stick will do the cleaning task of the drain without causing any further trouble

Users have positive comments on the odor removing and stain controlling ability of the sticks. They found them useful in the rapid removal of stink from the kitchen and other parts of the house.

Still, there is no guarantee that these sticks can break down any clogging items from the sink.

Some users have complaints while the insertion of the sticks into the drains because they come in only one size.

Tip to remember:  Use the sticks after pouring hot water into the drain. After putting the stick, wait for a while before using your sink. Experiment these simple tips to get faster results.


According to the user reviews and tests, Sani Sticks are effective to remove organic clogs from the drain without getting the drain damaged at the hand of some highly reactive chemical. They can easily remove hair, grease and other remains from a dishing washing episode.


The product showed rapid fame in 2016 when its reliability increased according to the Google. It was also famous in 2013 and 2015.

Every product comes with a copy having a different name. Likewise, a similar product known as Drain Secret was launched in 2015, but soon it got disappeared.

While searching on Amazon, you may get a long list of a similar product like Sani-Clean and Bio-Stix.

Sani Sticks have a separate page on Amazon with positive comments and reviews.


Sani Sticks have a quick effect on the stubborn germs and greasy stains of the drain within no time. One stick is enough to be used in one drain hole for a whole month. The product quickly controls the pungent odors by a natural process of producing enzymes and digesting afterward.

If you have given it a chance, let us know about its progress by commenting below.

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