Shadowhawk X800 Flashlight Reviews

Shadowhawk X800 Flashlight Reviews

Reviewing Shadowhawk X-800 Flashlight: latest efficient light?

Shadowhawk X-800 flashlight is a bright flashlight worthy for keeping in the drawer for an emergency. It came on political advertisement in 2016 as the latest invention. Let us review the product for further information regarding its benefits and drawbacks. You can read brief shadowhawk x800 flashlight reviews exclusively on our website.

Claims and features

  • Smart light with up to 800 lumens
  • Most popular flashlight with tactical features
  • Has a range of 2 miles
  • Can be used to blind an attacker
  • Multiple moods for low, medium and high beam
  • Strobe feature to get brilliant luminousness
  • ┬áSpecial aluminum frame
  • Lithium-ion battery with three AAA batteries

Cost and Availability

This flashlight is available online at a 75% discount on the official page of the product. After the discount, the price is as under:

  • Buy one at $56
  • Buy two at $97
  • Buy two get one free at $117 (a total of 3 products)
  • Buy four at $169
  • Buy three get two free at $149 (a total of 5 flashlights)

About the makers of the product

Shadow hawk X800 flashlight is not guaranteed by the Better Business Bureau. However, a list of complaints can be found on BBB Website.

Two commercial addresses are given on the website which is somewhere in the Las Vegas area. On visiting the given address, it was observed that the address was of a UPS store with an advertisement board of the Shadow hawk flashlight. As a conclusion, the product has no independent business address like other brands. Online franchise is the only actual source.

Shadowhawk Flashlight X800 Commercial

Shadowhawk X800 flashlight reviews

In the age of the latest cell phone flashlights, a manual flashlight is still famous among the masses. In case your mobile phone is showing a low battery indication, you can grab a flashlight to help you in the hour of need.

With the marvelous advancement in the scientific era, flashlights are also being upgraded to add comfort in life. Shadow hawk X800 flashlight that works on 800 lumens is one such innovation that helps to make things better for daily living. It is found useful up to 2 miles for bright beams of high quality. Moreover, it can be adjusted according to the requirement as low, medium or high.

The strobe feature can save you from an attacker by its brilliant beam. The brilliant beam can make your attacker out of sight for a remarkable time.

The flashlight has a rechargeable battery, adopter and a charger that allows three AAA efficient batteries. The frame is rather low in durability as compared to the expected durability of such flashlights. Its AAA batteries are less luminous than a lithium battery.

The product can be judged from its features and price. It has prominent features of an efficient flashlight with multiple moods and high range. It is effortless to use and easy to grab. But in spite of all the features, it is quite over-priced. The features offered by this flashlight is same as other low-priced flashlights. The rechargeable battery, durability prominence, and lithium battery can be found in other products so, the shadow hawk price is somehow extra for no extra unique feature.

Many brands on the market can be labeled as the same product as X800 with a different name every time. The other brands are however are available at about $8-$15 dollars.

The advertisement for the advantages while keeping back the high price of the product.

Similar products

Mengcore E17 happens to be quite identical in the list of the related products for the Shadow hawk X800 flashlight. Furthermore, as described above, the flashlight has a family of identical members in the market with changed names and lower price.

Lumitact G700 is another product that has close resemblance with X800 in features and frame. The official website also has same screen views. You can observe the similarity in the following screenshots:


Shadow hawk X800 flashlight is good in its working and light beam features and can be kept in-house for attending an emergency blackout or other miscellaneous purposes. Its high range of 2 miles and advanced lithium battery makes it a distinguished product to use but still that does not justify its high price.

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