Simply Straight Hair Brush Reviews


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Simply Straight Hair Brush

Simply Straight is another gadget in the line of 2-in-1 electronics. It brushes and straightens the hair to depth but with realistic expectations. You cannot expect to straighten your hair while simply brushing them with Simply Straight. It works, but patience and care are required. It is a ceramic brush for straightening and brushing at the same time.

Claims and Features

  • Works like a mini salon at home
  • Temperature ranges up to 450 degrees
  • Excellent travel gadget
  • Zero damage to the hair
  • Admirable results
  • LCD for showing temperature
  • Automatic 60 minutes turning off the system
  • Suitable for all hair types

Cost and Availability

Simply Straight is available on the official website at $22.57 with free shipping. The official website to order Simply Straight is this. Earlier this product was only available at official website but now its available from amazon and in stores. The product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee which applies from the date it was shipped.

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Simply Straight Commercial

Reviewing Simply Straight

Simply Straight is a product with a mixed reaction from the users and editors. The fact is it works according to hair type. Light and the short-haired user finds it a hundred dollar deal for its excellent results. While for those with heavy and long hair it may prove a difficult thing to handle.


It is a 2 in 1 ceramic straightener and brush that claims to straight the hair while combing them but it demands realistic expectations. If you expect it to straighten your hair while you merely move it through the hair strands like a normal combing process, it will disappoint you. You have to straighten your hair by dividing them into various parts just like you do with a straightener. The fact that you have to brush your hair for removing possible tangles or knots before using Simply Straight almost limits it to a simple straightener. However, once you are precise in its use, you may feed it quite helpful with your styling jobs.

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How to Use it Properly

The product has a temperature knob, a brush part, a handle to hold ad a 6 feet long cord for power. You can adjust the temperatures according to your hair type. Usually, light hair will be needing a temperature up to 365 degrees; 410 degrees for average hair types and heavy and curly hair the temperature is available up to 450 degrees. The handle does not heat up with the execution of the product while the brush part is hot enough to irritate your skin so you should avoid touching that.

User’s Reviews about the Brush

Although these 2 in 1 product are not a replacement of the single products for the same purpose, they always get good rating and admiration among the people. People comment they not all of the users miss their old straighteners and brushes and some of them are completely satisfied with Simply Straight. The results may, therefore, vary according to the user demand and peculiar hair types.

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Similar Products

The market has a number of straighteners and brushes to buy from. 2 in 1 gadget like Simply Straight are available in different designs and specifications too. Many multinational companies have also introduced such two in one device available at Amazon.


Simply Straight is a helpful straightening and brushing gadget that combines the power of flat iron and brush. It is best for travel lovers and those who have to move more often for work purposes. Moreover, the product goes perfect with thin and straight hair, and you may style them easily with the product according to your taste. Thick and curly hair may show some stubbornness with the product, but the highest temperature may cope with the problem somehow. The result of Simply Straight has a zigzag graph: sometimes high, sometimes low and sometimes average.